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It began with a single Cathode-Ray Tube and a single vision: to bring everyone access to the age of technology through quality visual displays. Starting in Taiwan, AOC first sold CRT monitors locally and quickly expanded offices to USA, China, Europe, and Brazil.

Today, AOC’s monitors, TVs and All-In-One PCs are sold in over 115 countries globally, delivering high quality visual technology to users worldwide. By listening to the heart of consumers, AOC designed products to address rising technological trends, and to create monitors that fit different purposes for different consumers. AOC was an early adopter of environmental technologies, like mercury-free LED display panels, and achieving the Energy Star recognition for low power consumption. This year, AOC also developed the first Anti-Blue-Light technology that filters 90% of emitted harmful blue light to protect the eyes of users, setting a new quality standard for monitors with eye care technology.

For four years in a row, AOC has been awarded the “Gold Brand’ distinction by the Gold Brands Council in Philippines. AOC has also tripled its market share in Europe since 2009, and has ranked #1 in market share for monitors sold in the Asia Pacific region (inclusive of greater China). AOC – ART OF COLORS.


Admiral was founded in Chicago, USA by Ross Siragusa.

Admiral company and brand established in USA; one of the first to produce color television sets.

Admiral sold 5 million television sets.

Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) was established in Taiwan; 1st manufacturer of color televisions for export.

Admiral Overseas Corporation was renamed to AOC International.

Started direct marketing under AOC brand name.

AOC brand was registered worldwide.

1988 - 1997
AOC established sales offices selling monitors in United States, China, Europe and Brazil.

1999 - 2001
AOC entered the display markets in New Zealand and Australia.

AOC was launched in India.

AOC was launched in Mexico.

2007 - 2009
AOC is sold in more than 115 countries globally; products include LCD & CRT monitors, LCD TVs and All-In-One PCs

AOC shipped 16 million units of LCD monitor, representing an annual growth of 50%.

AOC ranked No.1 in market share for PC monitors in the Asia Pacific region (inclusive of the Greater China Region).

AOC released the first monitor with true Anti-Blue-Light capabilities, raising industry standards and opening the
market for monitors that protect the eyes of users.


With continuing improvements on customer service, AOC has gained market recognitions in various continents:

2002, 2003, 2008

  1. AOC received Champion of the Distribution Channel by CRN Magazine in Brazil.


  1. AOC became No.3 in Brazil monitors market.


  1. AOC became No.2 in branded monitors market in China.
  2. AOC was elected in Info 200 Company - top 200 in technology (from 82nd in 2005 to 59th position in 2006), Brazil.


  1. AOC ranked Top 3 in monitors and LCD TV markets in Latin Americas countries such as Chile and Peru.
  2. AOC ranked Top 3 in monitor category in “2007 Best Brands Survey” by PC World in Brazil.
    AOC received “Fast growing company in LCD monitors market” from CCID in China.
  3. AOC became “China Well-Known Mark”.
    AOC ranked Top 4 in Mexico monitors market (by Select).


  1. AOC was ranked 33 of 2008 Global Top 50 CE Brands by IDG in CES Daily magazine.
  2. AOC received “Consumers’ Brand Of Choice” by China Computer Users Association.
  3. AOC received Best in Hardware IT Monitors (Top 100 IT & Telecom, IDG ComputerWorld Magazine) in Brazil.
  4. AOC ranked No.1 in Philippine monitor market.
  5. AOC ranked No.3 in Vietnam non-bundled monitor market.
  6. AOC ranked No.3 in India non-bundled monitor market.
  7. AOC in only two years of operation won 14% of Monitor market share in Mexico.


  1. AOC was awarded as Power Brand Malaysia 2009 (Global CEO Magazine) in Malaysia.
  2. AOC became No.3 minitor brand in Slovenia in Q1 2009.



  1. AOC 32”W TV ranked Top 5 by PC Magazine, North America.
  2. AOC 511Vwb, 199P & 198Pw won DNA Design Award, China.


  1. 173P received Info Magazine Best Buy Choice, Brazil.


  1. AOC 416V was recommended by PCMagazine, Mexico.


  1. AOC 917Vw won Best Buy Award by Digit Magazine, India.
  2. AOC 22LVWk received 5 Stars ranking – Windows Vista Magazine, Brazil.


  1. AOC Angelo and Cha-Cha won 2008 Red Dot Awards.
  2. AOC 2217Pwc received Top Product award by Chip magazine, Malaysia.


  1. AOC 2230Fm won 5-Star Recommendation by Living Digital magazine, India.


  1. AOC 2218Ph won Top Tech Design award by PC World magazine, Philippines.


  1. AOC Verfino was Recommended by Digital Home magazine, China.


  1. AOC F19 won PC3 Design Award by PC3, Hong Kong.


  1. AOC 2219P2 won 4-Star Recommendation by PC Power Play, Australia.


  1. AOC 2230Fm won No.1 Monitor from PC Format Magazin in Poland.
  2. AOC 931Fwz won Best Product by PC Media Magazine, Indonesia.


  1. AOC L32W861 was ranked No.8 in 32-Inch TVs by Consumer Reports.
  2. AOC 36 series won EPEAT GOLD.


  1. AOC 2230Fh won Silver Award by HWM Magazine, Indonesia.
  2. AOC 919P2 won No.1 in PC go magazine, Germany.


  1. AOC 2434PW won Gold Award by HWM Magazine, Malaysia.
  2. AOC F22 won Gold Award by HWM Magazine, Indonesia.


  1. AOC 2434Pw got 9 out of 10 by PC World, New Zealand.
  2. AOC F19 and 2230Fm won BEST BUY Award by DIGIT Magazine, 2236Vw won EDITOR’S PICK Award by DIGIT Magazine, India.


  1. AOC 2236Vw won Silver Award by HWM Magazine, Thailand.


  1. AOC won Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand Award and Malaysia Power Brand Award.


  1. AOC 2434Pw Monitor awarded “Best Monitor 2009” by Infokomputer Magazine, Indonesia.


  1. AOC 930Fwz Monitor awarded “Best 19-inch Monitor 2009” by PC Media, Indonesia.
  2. AOC awarded GOLD BRAND in the Philippines for 2009-2012.


  1. AOC iF23 Monitor awarded “Silver Award” by PC Magazine, Hong Kong.


  1. AOC V22+ Monitor awarded “Gold Award” by HWM Magazine, Indonesia.
  2. AOC 2434Pw Monitor awarded “Silver Award” by HWM Magazine, Indonesia.


  1. AOC iF23 Monitor awarded “Gold Award” by HWM Magazine, Malaysia.


  1. AOC iF23 Monitor awarded “Gold Award” by HWM Magazine and “PC plus Award”, Indonesia.


  1. AOC V22t Monitor awarded “Gold Award” by T3 Magazine, Indonesia.


  1. AOC e2440 series and e2237Fwh Monitor awarded “Silver Award” by PC Magazine, Hong Kong.
  2. AOC 2436Vwh LCD Monitor awarded “Best Buy Award” by PC User Magazine, Australia.


  1. AOC If23 Monitor awarded “EDITIOR’S CHOICE” by PC World Magazine, New Zealand.
  2. AOC e2237Fwh Monitor awarded “CPU Silver Award” by CPU Magazine, Hong Kong.


  1. AOC F19s Monitor awarded “Editor Choice” by CIW Magazine, Egypt.
  2. AOC Razor Monitor awarded “Best Design” by Computer DIY Magazine, Taiwan.
  3. AOC e943Fw Monitor awarded “Silver Award” by HWM Magazine, Malaysia.


  1. AOC Razor wLED e2243Fw awarded “Editors’ Choice” by CHIP Magazine, Malaysia.
  2. AOC been awarded as TOP 3 Winner of HWM Malaysia & Plaza Low Yat Brand Survey Award 2010,Malaysia.